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We are a people-first, experiential-based learning and teaching organization. We are obsessed with empowering students, teachers, administrators, and schools to be the best version of themselves. We do this by incorporating brain-based techniques to enhance or create your curriculum.

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We stand by our

3 Tenets of Learning & Teaching

Participant Focused:

Dig deep to understand who your audience is, including but not limited to: their background, their aspirations, strengths, and areas of growth. Know what they want and what they bring to create a positive classroom culture that is inclusive and supportive of their needs.

Outcome Oriented:

Aligning content and lessons with state and district standards. Learning how to use data (feedback) to inform lesson development and implementation, how fast to move through the curriculum, and how to see real outcomes from our participants.

Experienced Driven:

When we experience something, the brain can retain and recall much longer periods of time vs. memorization. This is why we build an experience around your curriculum with participants in mind.

About Us

Sum It Project started from a simple question, "What can we do to improve the way students learn and grow?" From there, we have researched, implemented, assessed, and honed teaching and learning best practices from all over the world. We are dedicated to changing how teachers impact their students through workshops designed to increase engagement, improve classroom management, support new teachers, and empower administrators with skills to empower their staff, which empower their students to achieve more.

Charles Smith

Founder and Chief Learning Strategist

With over 15 years of educational experience teaching high school, coaching multiple sports, and training educators nationally and internationally, Charles brings excitement and passion to his work every day. He has worked over the years honing his craft and learning from top educational professionals around the world. Now he brings that knowledge and experience to Sum It Project to help the students, teachers, and schools of today prepare for tomorrow's businesses.

Aaron Burns

Founder and Director of Operations

Aaron is dedicated in helping improve the communities across the Chicagoland area. With an MPA and 8 years in law enforcement he has seen the ailments that plague communities and is passionate about change. Being an entrepreneur in the creation of Sum It Project Inc. and in real estate he is business oriented and has the experience in laying the groundwork to achieve success.

Why Sum It?

We are Sum It Project and not Summit Project for good reason. When thinking about who we are and what we represent, the name is to reflect that. The "Sum" is the collection of our experiences that make us who we are. "It" is you, you are the "It" factor of change and advancement in your life. And "Project," we are constantly working on ourselves and those around us which makes us a continuous project in development. "Sum It Project"

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